Nature Within

Written and Created by Andy Katsaris, ESLLC 2018-2019


Last summer, I went hiking at Brainard Lake. Located in northern Colorado, it’s one of the most serene and beautiful places I have ever seen. The waters were crystal clear, the trails were clean, and the air smelled fresh. Being in a place so untouched by human waste made me realize just how much so many other parks (not to mention our planet in general) have been destroyed by pollution. It gave me a newfound passion for nature preservation. Protecting Colorado wildlife and forests is one of the most important things to me.

This picture represents that nature is a part of all of us. It’s something we are tied up in– it’s something we can never erase. Nature has such a huge impact on our lives, providing us not only with so many of our resources, but also a beautiful place to escape to, to cherish, to preserve. We are all one with nature. It’s about time we started realizing it.


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