Sustainable Practices on Campus by Students

Written by Nile Drochak, ESLLC 2017-2018

I’ve had an incredible experience with the ESLLC art exhibit so far. To create a successful exhibit, the project allowed me to connect with my creative side, as well as my logistical side when cooperating with my other group members. My group members were Audrey and Beth, and they were extremely helpful in making ideas come to fruition for the project.

Our exhibit consists of poster boards with 3 different questions about sustainability practices. These questions are: Do you leave your lights and electronics plugged in when they are not in use? Do you use plastic water bottles instead of a glass or reusable one? Do you throw things away instead of recycling or composting them? We believe that these 3 questions resonate with most people regardless of diversity of people on campus. The DU community members interact with our project by putting a sticker on the respective board for which they can associate with. This exhibit addresses the past, present, and future of sustainability in multiple ways. For the past, we have a board with the original sustainability group from the 70s, and pamphlet (10 Not So Simple Ways to Save the Earth) from the 90s. For the present, we will have students and faculty members from DU interact with our poster by putting stickers on the poster boards if they associate with the respective questions, and we created a “10 Simple Ways to Save the Earth” poster. For the future, will have signature sheet which will act as a petition to promote changes to happen on campus, talked about later in this post.

We are having 3 different artifacts printed out for the project. First, we will print a pamphlet labeled “10 Not So Easy Ways to Save the World” found in the Special Collections Archive. A previous environmental group on campus created this pamphlet to promote positive sustainability practices on campus. It will include the three topics addressed in our questions as well as other small, sustainable habits which can add up to have a big effect. We will also be creating our own artifact called “10 Easy Ways to Save the World”, to give students and faculty members on campus an easy yet effect way to act more sustainable. Our 3rd artifact will be a documentation from the first environmental group on campus. It contains the goals and purpose of the group, mentioning why the formation of the group. The original publication of the article dated back to 1948, so adding this artifact to our exhibit will highlight the past efforts from students. After printing out and creating our artifacts, we plan to start installing the exhibit on Tuesday (April 17). We will be installing our project on the East wall in the enclosed space at the bottom of the main staircase. This would be a good place for the exhibit to exist because of the traffic of students in need to go up or down the Anderson Academic Commons.

Our group wanted to take this project one step further and create quantitative change on the DU campus. We will also have 3 different signature sheets with questions about change students and faculty members would like to see on campus. Those questions are: Do you support more motion sensor lights in the bathrooms on the DU campus? Do you support selling less plastic water bottles on campus? Do you support more compost bins on DU’s dormitories? We hope that with enough signatures, we will be able to show the suitability council the surplus of support for these changes. We hope that it could be evidence/petition to show opposition against negative sustainability practices on campus.



This is the before and after of our exhibit. There will eventually be a table and signature sheets for people to use as well. We hope create a sense of community through the participation of the DU students.


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