The Past and Present of Meatless Diets

Written by Liane Stieglitz, ESLLC 2017-2018

For my exhibit titled “Past and Present of Meatless Diets” I decided to create an interactive and education experience for audience members surrounding the ideas around meatless diets and their roles in sustainability. I chose this topic because it is one that I’m knowledgable about, but not many are. I also think that it is important for others to know how much of an impact that meat and dairy have on our environment. Whether or not they will follow that lifestyle. I believe that knowledge surrounding meatless diets is important for everyone to understand.

In order to accomplish this education goal, I decided to include an interactive portion of the exhibit, to allow audience members to educate each other, and share their opinions. With meatless diets being such a stigmatized concept, it’s important for believers and deniers to be allowed to share their opinions on the matter. I believe this because if someone’s opinions are being shut down, they won’t want to learn new concepts as much.

Aside from the interactive portion I also included artifacts in order to education people on the fact that meatless diets aren’t a new and millennial concept, and that they’ve served purposes for a long time. This will hopefully also intrigue audience members and interest them on the topic.

Lastly, I included a portion of the exhibit dedicated to simply explaining how meatless diets affect sustainability. This is a truly educational piece and serves as a portion of the exhibit that not everyone will read, but those that do will benefit from.

Overall, I feel that this exhibit will help to cultivate positive conversation surrounding meatless diets, and will help to lessen the stigmas around them. I hope that audience members walk away with a better sense of why meatless diets matter, and a heightened sense of compassion towards the environment as a whole.


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