My Experience Being in the ESLLC

Written by Elizabeth Pepper, ESLLC 2017-2018

download-4.jpgThe ESLLC was the first community I connected with coming into DU. Before I even stepped foot on to DU’s campus, I knew I had a support system of like minded individuals. Throughout this entire year, the people within the ESLLC have built the foundation of my experience at DU. Through the ESLLC I’ve found my closest friends and people who continually push me to work hard and be successful. Going on retreats when we camped together, cooked together, and hiked together, in the mountains brought the whole ESLLC community together.

Before coming to DU I had little knowledge about what sustainability looked like and where sustainability is headed. Without the LLC I would not have be introduced into the large community of what sustainability is at DU. This LLC has allowed me to build a network of relationships with people who are passionate about sustainability and the environment. I’ve now fostered a hatred of straws, a drive to create composting back home, and a passion to fight for environmental justice, all which would not be without the connections I’ve created in the LLC.

Creating change is hard, but not impossible, and I’ve learned that students are the people download-3.jpgat DU who are creating change to make DU a more sustainable campus. This encourages me to keep pushing for change by working with people within the sustainability community. Without the LLC I would not be working for the Center for Sustainability next fall.


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