How the ESLLC Shaped my Freshman Year

Written by Liane Stieglitz, ESLLC 2017-2018


Starting college is scary for most people. For me, while I was excited to start this new chapter in my life, the idea of leaving behind the only town I’d ever known still petrified me. When I first made the decision to be in the ESLLC, I did so based off of two main factors: my passion for sustainability, and the community aspect. For me it was about much more than saving the planet with my peers, but finding lasting and real relationships as well.

During my Orientation Week, I was shy and sick and didn’t know how in the world to make friends. I felt awkward and out of place being so far from home with no one that I knew. Despite this, my fellow LLCers helped me to acclimate and find lasting friendships. Not only have we grown together in our sustainability efforts, but in our relationships as well.

Despite not being an environmental science major like most of the LLC, I have still learned an amazing amount about how to better my sustainable practices and live in a more compassionate way. I went into the LLC convinced that I knew a lot about sustainability. I didn’t use straws, I ate a vegan diet, and I recycled as much as possible. However, I was still able to add onto that knowledge and grow as a sustainable citizen. I am now able to see sustainability from a more broad perspective, and a more knowledgable standpoint.

Overall, the LLC has been an incredible experience and one that has helped shape my freshman year almost entirely. I have created relationships with people that I care greatly about, and learned about the Earth alongside them. I’ve made memories that will last on retreats and our own activities, and I’ve been able to grow as a sustainable citizen as well.


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