College is Hard

Written by Elizabeth Pacheco, ESLLC 2017-2018


Living in a dorm is one of the most challenging parts of college. Living with a ton of strangers who come from different backgrounds with very different beliefs can be difficult. Sometimes you realize than your neighbor is a night person, with a booming voice and sometimes you realize your neighbors are some of the kindest people ever. For better of for worse living with a ton of random strangers, sharing bathrooms, and hallways is an insane experience. However, living in the ESLLC has made the experience one hundred percent better. Knowing that you are joining a community of people who care about similar issues bridges gaps between even the most diverse groups.

Meeting people from all over America and the world sometimes causes tensions however when you live with them every day, go on retreats, and take a class together a very strong bond forms. Eventually you become a family admittedly a dysfunctional one.  You will all fight and sometimes you will feel alone but at the end of the day you will always have someone in your corner. The LLC is a safe space for all even if you are necessarily part of the hall everyone will welcome you in.

Making friends can be difficult in college, at least for some of us. You are either in class or studying for class. Being in the LLC gave me automatic people to talk to. I had to branch out and get to know the people around me. I even met my best friend in the LLC. I had an instant bond with many of my peers, and was able to have easy and enjoyable interactions with them right away. One of the biggest upsides of the LLC is that when you are down everyone knows. People make an effort to help you to feel better even if they have a midterm the next day. Another highlight of course is the many cuddle puddles we have. Looking at the picture with this article you can see how much everyone enjoys each other. College will drive you crazy, your friends will make you crazier, but your hall mates become family and we all know how insane family makes you. The close bonds we make so quickly help to make college just a little easier, so I am thankful to the ESLLC for letting me be part of this big crazy family.


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