Back to the Beginning

Written by Dylan Link, ESLLC 2017-2018

Looking back at my experience in the Environmental Sustainability LLC, I have noticed a few things. The first thought that comes to mind is the Mt. Evans retreat. On this trip, not many of us knew each other which made the trip a great experience as it blessed us with opportunity to make new friends and become close with one another which is exactly what we did.

There were about six of us who decided it would be a good idea to stay together in a six-person tent. This started with us not being able to decide who would split up and the realization that we might have forgotten a tent. We crammed in and got supper close for the night of what a foolish man would think was going to be a good night of sleep however, we quickly learned otherwise. After an hour or two of talking and laughing, we finally attempted to sleep however found it impossible with the little amount of space we had to ourselves. In the morning, we learned there was plenty of space in other people’s tents for us to spread out nice and comfortably.

Even though this trip was eventually cut short, it truly defined the how the year would pan out for the community. Many of us became close as well as learned to love sustainability more than we already had. Being in the LLC to me meant commitment, perseverance and personal satisfaction. It feels good to be part of something bigger and figuring out which bins all of my stuff goes into. Overall, it was a good experience that I would highly recommend to future students interested in sustainability.



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