From Seed to Tree: The History of Sustainability at DU

Written by Elizabeth Pepper, ESLLC 2017-2018


Before coming to DU I had no idea all of the different avenues that connect to sustainability especially sustainability at DU. What did sustainability at DU look like?

As started to become more involved with the Environmental Sustainability Living and Learning Community, I realized that there was a lot of work being done to make DU more sustainable. I wanted to know more, I had so many questions. One question that guided my curiosity and passion for sustainability was, “How do groups of people influence sustainability at DU to shape DU into the institution it is today?”.

This question was the guiding force which lead me to create this exhibit. I am hoping that this exhibit will give everyone the chance to learn a little more about the organizations and programs initiated to improve this campus. I hope everyone will see the importance of student involvement on campus, as well. I’m extremely excited to share my exhibit, “From Seed to Tree: The History of Sustainability at DU”, with everyone (located in AAC).

One of the Library’s mission is to “build a support a culture of learning”. A part of learning and growing through learning is in our ability to share information, especially in the ability to view the “bigger picture” of what a movement is about and where a movement is headed. At DU that movement is towards a more Sustainable DU. This history, this timeline that I am sharing with all of you is so everyone has access to learn what people have done and are planning to do to make DU a more sustainable place.

The entire process of making this exhibit has really challenged me in both good and bad ways. Though the exhibit is not what I originally intended, it still incorporates the important information that is the heart of what I wanted the exhibit to be. I encourage everyone to come stop by the library to view the exhibit and find ways sustainability fits into your life here at DU and learn a little bit about the history of sustainability at DU.



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