Feeding the Sustainability Trend

Written by Megan Kienapfel, ESLLC 2017-2018

Sustainability has played a major role in today’s society and decisions. One of the most popular trends is sustainable restaurants. The more people focus on sustainability, the more they want to try and apply it to the more mundane everyday things, such as going out to eat. Places that value this sustainable practice are more likely to draw those crowds.

A good example of a sustainable chain in Denver is Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard. On their website they advertise that the beef they use is vegetarian fed, no steroids, growth hormones, or antibiotics. They share a similar policy with the chicken that they use. Within Denver they have opened 8 different locations, all with the same values at the core of their business.

While the United States is not leading is sustainable practices, there is still a clear indication that people are willing to pay more to make sure the products they are paying for are making a positive social and economic contribution.

Looking at the trends for restaurants in 2018, sustainable seafood is projected to be in some of the leading trends. In a recent survey, 68% of respondents said that sustainable seafood is something they would like to see more of in restaurants. Over fishing and negative fishing and fish farming practices have becomes a large issue. The current fishing practices have lead to overfishing, habitat destruction, and catching animals that were not the intended target, such as dolphins.




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