Oranges Have Peels!

Written by Ben Robinson, ESLLC 2017-2018

Back in my hometown, Miami Beach it frustrated me that in the large Majority of Miami Dade school cafeterias they sealed sliced fruit (with peels still on it) into plastic containers. I saw this as frustrating because the fruit that they were slicing had their own peels and in fact did not need to be sliced. I think less plastic waste could be used especially since kids in high school don’t care about recycling the containers. The schools in Miami Dade and all other schools in the world should refrain from using plastic containers for fruit.

If school cafeterias stopped using plastic cups there would be a reduction in waste going into landfills and into our oceans. Especially since Florida is nearly entirely on the coast lots of our waste products end up in the ocean. This is only polluting our Earth further killing ocean ecosystems. It might be different if people recycled the plastic containers, however the large majority of the containers end up in the trash.

This problem can be solved if we just don’t cut the fruit and leave them in their natural casings. The fruit can still be stored in a refrigerator for preservation if not eaten and given out the next day. This would reduce many problems we have with pollution in Florida and be a step in helping the world be a little cleaner. Hopefully one day we can stop all the plastic going into the ocean and keep our world clean.


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