How Tesla is Reducing Emissions

Written by Ben Robinson, ESLLC 2017-2018

In 2003 Elon Musk founded the Tesla automaker company. The company is oriented around making automobiles with complete electric power. This makes it so people who drive these cars produce no carbon footprint when they drive their car. This has helped cut down on carbon emissions significantly since the cars have been up for sale. Several thousand units are sold every year, and the demand and popularity for them continues to increase.

Now while Tesla cars are 100% electric and release zero carbon emissions, the people responsible for reducing emissions are those who drive long distances a day in these cars. The use of the cars themselves are a large factor of the reduced emissions. So, if there are people making long treks every day in these cars they are making a difference. But those who just want these cars to show off a luxury electric car. They are making close to no differences in emission reduction. These cars were made to be driven so that the uses of fossil fuels would be reduced.

Tesla cars are becoming more and more affordable for the average American which could lead to a brighter future for our planet as emissions would be reduced. These cars are also considered luxury vehicles which interest people and environmentalist alike to drive them. Other car manufacturing companies have been trying to take incentive from this and use Tesla as a role model, and produce their own model of an electric car. This is paving the way for the future to a society where most cars driven will be clean and produce little to no pollutants.

Hopefully in the near future, most of the world will be driving electric cars or even hybrid cars to cut down the use of fossil fuels for transportation, and hopefully slow the process of global warming.


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