Let’s Get Thrifty

Written by Jack Oberg, ESLLC 2017-2018

With Halloween right around the corner, lots of people are in the process of choosing a costume. You could go to a Halloween store and buy a plastic wrapped costume, unnecessarily manufactured overseas, where there are little to no laws governing the environmental impacts of their manufacture, or you could go to a local thrift store, and build your own unique outfit. Your wallet would thank you, and so would your carbon foot print. Thrift stores are a great way to save money, while also being environmentally sustainable; everything you buy from a thrift store is something that someone no longer needed, and chose to send to the store instead of throwing it away. As a result, thrift stores often have hugely discounted rates on vastly diverse selections of name brand to no name clothing. Here are a few great thrift stores in the DU area.

Buffalo Exchange

Located on Broadway near 1st street, Buffalo Exchange is well stocked with lots of cool clothing. Everything in there is in great condition, but they are proud of everything they have; their prices are definitely not the best on this list

Buffalo Exchange, 51 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


Goodwill is a nation-wide chain of bigger thrift stores that takes donations from the public, and sells them for very cheap, then donating their profits to charity. Although there is a lot bad clothes for sale, it is hard to leave without seeing a few great deals, I got a cool shirt for only $2. Goodwill is also a good place to find used furniture and housewares.

Goodwill, 21 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209


Like Goodwill, Arc takes public donation and donates the profits to charity. Arc has a heavier emphasis on clothes, and did not have as much furniture or housewares.

Outdoorsman’s Attic  

Outdoorsman’s Attic is a bit further from DU than the previous thrift stores, but it is my favorite, and I count leave it out. Outdoorsman’s Attic has lots outdoor gear, backpacks, jackets, camping gear, and other neat treasures, all of which are well priced. I have gotten some older, name brand jackets and shirts there, for less than $10, its fantastic. The couple that owns the place is also very nice, and will let you pet their dog if you ask nicely.

Outdoorsman’s Attic, 2650 W Hampden Ave, Sheridan, CO 80110


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