Clean Energy Collective: Organization Analysis

Written by Marissa Sulmeisters, ESLLC 2016-2017

Clean Energy Collective is a company which focuses on creating and maintaining clean energy facilities in communities. The company began to be built in 2010, and has already been recognized by the US Department of Energy.  They see the pollution in our world and are working to make waves in the energy industry. Part of how they hope to do this is by getting energy consumers more involved in clean energy.

Customers can buy solar panels in projects and save money on energy. They pay less money for the panels as well, because the CEC purchases the panels in bulk. These solar panels are not located on the individual’s property, but in a solar energy facility, where they are maintained by CEC. This makes clean energy participation easier to participate in not only because of the ease with which people can participate, but the off-sight location of the panels. Solar panels no longer need to be placed of someone’s roof, under scrutiny by HOAs and stress from weather which makes them a more plausible solution for our energy crisis. Furthermore, the company argues that 75% of people live in areas unsuitable for solar panels. This allows them to participate when they couldn’t participate before.

The three main goals of this organization include assisting in the adoption of long-term energy solutions, providing lower risk utilities, and helping utilities and consumers to work together in a symbiotic relationship.

Although it is based in Carbondale, Colorado, CEC is active in 12 states, has 100 ongoing projects, caters to 3.1k happy customers, and has saved its customers 6.2 million dollars.

This company was created by Paul Spencer, who has created 10 other companies in the last 22 years. He has been involved in industries like software, energy, medical, and software engineering industries. He also has numerous copyrights and has received a patent for past designs. He lives off the grid in a self-sustaining home and enjoys the outdoors.

This an innovative company with an exciting vision for the future. It will be interesting to watch this company continue to grow and expand its influence on the energy market over the next few years.


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