Castle On A Cliff

Written by Rachel Overby, ESLLC 2016-2017

Sabrina sat back in her chair, giving her newest sketch of an old castle a satisfied inspection before stretching and moving her hand towards the colored pencils next to it. Suddenly, a strong wind blew outside, enough so that Sabrina could hear it against the glass window in front of her desk. Noticing something strange about the wind, she frowned, and stared at it until the sound faded, taking the wind with it. As she stood up to head downstairs for lunch, the wind picked up again. This time, Sabrina could make out a dark shadow running through it in a spiraling line that made the wind visible.

She left to walk downstairs while the wind still howled by her room—a noise now absent near the lower windows. After taking a quick look around in the fridge, she grabbed a pear from the counter instead and walked outside. Though the wind had vanished by her house, the fallen leaves on the trees in the forest in front of her blew. Sabrina took a bite of the pear, then threw it in the trash and walked back inside and up to her room. When she entered, the wind picked up near her window again, the dark shadow in the middle of it more obvious than before.

Annoyed, Sabrina closed the door, waiting next to it to see if the wind had stopped. When it refused to a few seconds later, she walked downstairs again and opened the door. The wind was still present this time, and after she had stepped off the porch the shadow switched from attacking her window to following her out. She looked directly at it, then it moved behind her and appeared to be pushing her towards the forest. Getting the hint, she walked forward without it pushing her there.

It took her to a path that descended, and Sabrina tried in vain to remember using this one during her family’s many stays in the house she just left. The sun shined brightly through the trees green leaves, the shadow-wind causing a few to fall down as it traveled ahead of her. Several minutes later, the wind stopped. Sabrina stopped too, then jolted as the wind pushed her forward again towards a clearing. She pushed back against it, insisting on walking by herself.

The wind stopped pushing her, and she found that the clearing the shadow-wind led her towards contained a small pond. No ducks or frogs skimmed the surface, and though there was a lush area full of grass around the pond, no other animals, birds, or insects were using it. Despite this, the shadow-wind hovered over the pond, and Sabrina walked forward to peer at the surface to find what might have been a castle beneath the still water—possibly even hers, the one she drew less than an hour ago. As Sabrina was about to reach her hand out to touch the tips, the shadowwind pulled her back, maneuvering her back towards the forest.

As she faced the now-ascending path, the wind vanished, leaving her to walk back alone. Bracing herself for the difficult walk up, she managed to walk up in close to the same amount of time walking down did. After she opened the door of her house, Sabrina walked back upstairs to her room. Her drawing was still exactly where she left it, and the window the shadow-wind had been pounding against was intact as well. Sitting down, she took it in one of her hands, and set it back down, reaching for the colored pencils next to it.



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