Bikepacking adventure

Written by Chloe Chalekian, ESLLC 2016-2017

Once upon a time there were two fun loving roommates that hatched a genius plan. Biking and backpacking two great times, were combined to make a wild ride. By the next weekend the intrepid duo set off into the sunset with but a jacket, a couple granola bars and sleeping bags to their name. Never to be daunted off they rode, out of the city out of the country out of the reservoir and up into the canyon land. When two wheels would no longer suffice, they hid their bikes behind a tree and left them be. With boots they climbed into the promised land, believing they were free, they put their food up a tree and left it be. With 30 miles behind them, our adventurers went to sleep with a twinkle above their heads.

Not but an hour later they woke up in dew because of what they didn’t do. A rainfly is a must for all campers and not just us. Shivering and shaking they waited for when the sun would awaken. With the light of dawn, one of the bikers was gone, up to grab the food and to prepare for what she would do. After one came two and with nothing to lose they packed up and were back in their shoes.

Up on the colorado trail they went up switchbacks without fail, as the trees fell away, it took their breath away. Over and under they went wishing they had some food heaven sent. Granola bar to granola bar they ended up at a stream using a lifestraw to drink clean. On they went meeting bikers and hikers along the way. The sun grew high and they gave a sigh asking why it must end. Up on a rock they found a nice spot and took in the view for a few. With their packs they headed back ready to hit the sack. But hit the road they must because it was just for a night.

With their gear in tow they headed for the road and back they go. With burritos in their sight they were back before night. And oh my god I almost cried over a nagel burrito it was so good.

With this story I will impart some final tips:

  1. Don’t try to survive off of just granola bars for 24 hours. Trust me.
  2. Wear bike shorts if you are going over 15 miles, your body will thank you.
  3. Wear hiking boots
  4. Always bring an extra pair of socks
  5. Check the weather before hand to make sure you have the proper gear
  6. Put on your rainfly to prevent condensation. It makes you real cold real fast.
  7. Have fun!

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