Hemp Water Bottles

Written by Kira Weisz, ESLLC 2016-2017

Hemp water bottles are the new and improved plastic bottle. The plastic bottle we are all use to, is not biodegradable, has many health risks including cancer and is on the way to destroying the plant as we know it today. The hemp water bottle is sustainable, lightweight, durable, and has no health risks.

Hemp plastic is made to be an “affordable bio based natural fiber composite”. Hemp plastic is not made from hemp oil or hemp seeds. It is made from the stalk. There are many different types of hemp plastic. Some are all hemp and others are hemp mixed with regular plastic.

It takes a much longer time to get rid of the plastic bottles as opposed to the hemp bottles. Conventional plastic bottles contain tiny glass fibers and release harmful chemicals that can harm people, wildlife and the environment. When a plastic bottle is left in the sun or heated in a car, a very bad toxin is released into the water. This toxin is DEHP. It has been linked to diabetes, learning issues, obesity and other problems. Why are we taking such large health and environmental risks?

Who wouldn’t want a biodegradable, 100% safe plastic water bottle? Hopefully hemp plastic will become the main plastic used all over the world. The next step is that we need to get the big plastic bottle companies on board. Let’s minimize our health risks and earth pollution. Treat the world and ourselves right by using biodegradable hemp water bottles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.47.16 PM


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