Biking around Denver

Written by Chloe Chalekian, ESLLC 2016-2017

As for environmentally friendly forms of transportation go, biking ranks near the top. The carbon footprint of walking but minus the time! Biking is so speedy, efficient and good for you.

Being a biker myself I have compiled a list of my top three trails around Denver:



  1. Mary carter greenway trail

This trail is by far my favorite trail. I stumbled upon this gem in the first couple weeks of school and have been hooked ever since. Disclaimer: It does take you through some industrial areas but that is only a small part of what it has. The trail follows the south platte river and opens on to flat prime biking plains with picnic stops. There are also a couple cute restaurants and even a nature center where you can dismount and hike around. The center also offers classes and workshops for things like photography. From the center you can bike on to chatfield reservoir where the trail ends.

2. Bear creek trail

In my opinion bear creek is like the younger rebellious brother of the mary carter. A little untamed but still cut from the same cloth. The Bear creek trail can actually be picked up in the same place as the Mary Carter but it heads towards Morrison. This trail is more forested but it also goes through more residential areas than the mary carter. It ends in bear creek state park which offers camping, mountain biking and other recreational opportunities. Don’t be surprised if you run in to some horses on the trail!

3. Cherry Creek bike trail

This is a 42 mile bike trail through downtown Denver and beyond. It is a really nice flat paved ride along a river with murals done by local artists on the walls. It goes the opposite direction of the other two trails south towards Franktown (I kid you not) This trail is a great way to cruise through downtown denver and out to more natural areas for a blend of city and country. The trail hits the cherry creek reservoir which is a great place to hang out and watch the sun set.




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