Pipeline spill in Canada

Written by Elliot Ross, ESLLC 2016-2017

Late last month in the Canadian Provence of Saskatchewan there was a considerably large leak of an oil pipeline that took place on an aboriginal community. The leak was over 52,000 gallons of oil. The good news is that somewhere around four fifths of the oil was recovered. Seven months earlier there was a spill also in the Saskatchewan province. The leak was even larger; some 55,000 gallons was spilled into a major river which subsequently caused water supply to be cut to two major cities in Saskatchewan province. The bad news in this case is that until the excavate all of the pipelines in the area, because they are numbered, they will not know where the leak is occurring. The good news is that they have cut all the pipelines in the area so the leak is no longer spilling.

This is a similar problem to the pipeline of North Dakota where there have also been leaks. I find this disturbing because its land that is supposed to be protected but is falling victim to big oil influence. Our president was; according to multiple new sources, caught investing in the Dakota Pipe line before passing legislation that approved its construction. Apparently Trump owns shares on two of the major companies that are involved in the construction of the pipeline. This is confronted as a conflict of interest however he sold much of his stock before entering office. It was debunked that it was illegal because he owned the shares before office. Trump has been quoted saying that the investment “has nothing to do with his personal investments and everything to do with promoting policies that benefit all Americans.”

As you probably know there has been huge amounts of conflict in the standing rock area of the pipeline where both environmentalists and members of the Sioux tribe. On January 24th trump signed an executive action that allowed the pipeline to continue construction on Feb. 9th, after Obama signed legislation that halted the construction in early December. The Sioux tribe challenged the pipelines construction in court on Feb. 14th.


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