The WildCoast

Written by Alex Ortmann, ESLLC 2016-2017

The environment is an inherent part of surfing. The sole purpose of surfing is riding what mother nature has to offer. Now, after numerous years of overfishing and pollution, the oceans, as well as the surrounding coastal environments are beginning to show their scars. Luckily, for those for us who enjoy the natural beauty of the oceans and costal environments, we can thank organizations like WiLDCOAST for protecting them. WiLDCOAST’s goal is to protect some of the most beautiful and biologically significant environments throughout California and Latin America. WiLDCOAST for years, has successfully establishes millions of acers in land reserves.

Based out of Imperial Beach, California, WiLDCOAST is located near the perfect wild ecosystems which need protection. WiLDCOAST has put millions of acers of susceptible territory in the Baja Mexico into protection. This organization does not only benefit surfers, who call the ocean a second home, but everyone who enjoys the untouched beauty of the world. Besides protecting the environment, WiLDCOAST, is working to give the territories vulnerable to corporate interests back to the local populations who use the ocean and land as a means of survival. Truly an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of not only the oceans, the planet.


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