YOLD: Episode 3

Written by Erin Rush, ESLLC 2016-2017

YOLD stands for Years of Living Dangerously. YOLD is a TV documentary series about environmental issues around the world told by celebrities that have a passion for the environment and our impact on it.

In the third episode, the environmental impact talked about is Los Niños years and flooding because of them. They mostly talked about hurricane Sandy. Many people lost their lives, homes, and belongings during Sandy; however, a lot of these people also still don’t believe in climate change. Even the senator didn’t believe in climate change at first. The senator’s thought process around it was, in politics, usually on the republican side, if you believe in something that not everyone agrees with, you could lose everything. This actually happened to a politician. He was a republican politician who found out how real climate change really is. When other republicans found out about this, they didn’t vote him back into office. He lost everything he worked for in his career because he believed in scientific facts. This is why some republicans are choosing not to believe in the science; because their jobs and reputations are being threatened.

If we keep going on like this and reject the science behind something so serious, what we are trying to protect, the place we live, will no longer need protecting. There will soon be nothing left. Hurricane Sandy proves this. Climate change made the flooding much more extensive than it would have been. Next time, who knows what will happen.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 3.55.53 PM.png


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