Written by Rachel Overby, ESLLC 2016-2017


A penguin walks alone on a frozen desert, breathing heavily despite normally being physically the path lead—he just had to find it again. The wind above him moaned a mournful cry, sad and mysterious. The penguin looked up, expecting to see the path, but found nothing. Defeated, he continued the journey alone.

Once the sun had fallen below the horizon, the penguin took a short rest before moving on again. The stars glowed a bright and soothing light, but the penguin ignores them; time was of the essence here, not seeing a pretty view. A loud creaking sound startles him out of his silent circuit, claiming his attention. Rumbling like an earthquake, the ground had moved entire feet just in front of the penguin.

The penguin stops walking, staring in shock at the jagged scar impeding his progress. He huffs, glaring at the unforgiving mark. As expected, it does nothing in response, and the penguin decides to do the same. Lying on his stomach, he sleeps, waiting for the morning to bring new solutions with the sun. None come, also as expected, but still the penguin walks alongside the scar, hoping to find a way past it.

Hours later, he finds a part of the ice that has not been changed irrevocably. He continues his journey, though more subdued than before, resolving to tell his family about the mysterious change in the ice when he arrived at his destination. Perhaps they could fix it.



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