Zero Waste College

Written by Chloe Chalekian, ESLLC 2016-2017

The zero waste movement promotes having a lesser impact on the world’s resources by creating “zero” waste by not adding to landfills. To achieve this goal there is a five pronged approach, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Zero Waste also works to make sure that products like phones can be reused or repaired instead of thrown away or sent to a third world country.


Here are some things that you can do as a college student:

  1. Go through your trash – By going through your trash you can figure out what you throw away the most. Then swap those out for more sustainable options like a handkerchief for tissues.
  2. Buy in bulk  – Buying in bulk usually means no packaging so bring a Mason jar or a container to put your goodies in. A zero waste store is opening up here in a month so stay tuned
  3. Craigslist/thrifting – Craigslist can let you sell the things you don’t need and buy the things you do without the resource demand for creating a new product.
  4. Bring your own bags – Easy swap when you go to any store
  5. “Refuse” things you don’t need – You don’t need every single pen and flyer at a fair or 20 pairs of shower shoes
  6. Quality not quantity – Invest in quality not quantity, buy your own cutlery set instead of using plastic or a really nice jacket that can last a couple seasons

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