Two Frogs

Written by Rachel Overby, ESLLC 2016-2017

One day, a frog hops to the lake. The pond is shining a bright blue color that makes the frog feel calm and at peace. Except this day is different: the frog sees another frog at the pond where there was once only him. Annoyed that his happiness was disrupted by the bleating noise of the other frog’s newfound excitement upon seeing the pond, he considers scolding the other frog for it. However, he decides to let the other frog be once the noise stopped. After all, there was more than enough of the pond to share, right?

The next day, the second frog brought three more frogs with it. The first frog counted to ten as a way of calming his anger at more frogs disturbing his peace, and focused on maintaining the peace and quiet of his own little section—quite large, for one little frog. The other frogs laughed and played while he calmly swam. One of them emitted a soothing purple light that allowed that frog to fly across the water, touching lily pads one by one as though it was a game. The others just calmly swam and gathered bugs like the first frog, who ignored their antics. After all, there couldn’t be any /more/ frogs coming, right?

The next day, five more frogs joined the second frog. Two more had the purple light that made them faster, and three had a calm yellow glow that grew brighter as they swam under the water, much farther than the first frog had ever gone. Seeing them, the first frog had an idea: if the second frog could bring that many friends to the pond, the first one should be able to do that too, right?

So a few days later, the first frog brought a few brothers and sisters with him to the pond that each had two friends with them. He also found a frog with a green glow, like the other strange frogs. The first frog was curious about what the green glow allowed the other frog to do, and so invited him to the pond to see what magic the other frog had. The moment the green frog saw a lily pad, he smiled, then jumped on it with a big splash that startled all the other frogs. The first frog’s family stared at the scene with distaste, as it reminded them of their own pond.

The first frog remembered the first pond, full of laughter and many, many frogs. Too many, for the first frog’s taste, and now too many for his family. They had to move, but this pond was the best the first frog could find. So they all jumped in with the other frogs, playing with them and meeting the other magical ones. The one green frog occasionally grew in size, which annoyed the other frogs who just wanted to swim in peace.

Noticing something strange in the distance, the first frog got out of the water and went to check it out. Behind the foliage, he could see a lovely view below, and another pond with no frogs in it. Struck with an idea, the first frog decided to leave the pond he had just swam in to go to the one with no frogs. He chose not to tell his family, who still enjoyed the ruckus that somehow managed to be less than the type in the first pond, and left the following morning before all the other frogs had woken up. He would deal with this pond differently, the first frog decided, he just had to figure out how.


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