My Tourist Destination


Written by Marissa Sulmeisters, ESLLC 2016-2017


New York, Los Angeles,

That’s where everyone wants to go.

Empire State

Statue of Liberty

Go see a Broadway show.

Those cities,

With their hustle and bustle

Just aren’t right for me.

Take me to clear blue sea

Or a forest with miles of trees.

No, those cities make me want to cry.

Away from the clean air and the warm sun.

Light pollution



Over population

How could that possibly be fun?


Imagine if those cities

Become every city.

Because that’s the path we’re on.

Goodbye backyards, parks, and nature preserves.

They’re shrinking every day.

Where will we be?

A world covered in garbage

Even more than we are now.

There will never be quiet.

There will never be peace.

Disease and pollution galore.

Personal space will be no more.


People dream, plan, and strive

To be a part of these “beautiful” cities

If only for a little while.

Because they too notice the change.

And long for a better home.

At least I hope so.

Perhaps they are too caught up in the awe

The fashion

The media

The stuff.


In love with the lights,

caught up in the daze.

As for me, I’d rather be where I can see the stars

As for me, I’d rather be where I can get dirty not be dirty

As for me, I’d rather be where people are secondary.

No I don’t want the city.

I don’t think you do either.

We know it will only lead to problems.



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