What do I say?…

Written by Marissa Sulmeisters, ESLLC 2016-2017

What do I say to get you to listen?

To get you to think?

To get you to speak

To get you to act?

Do I have to say the sky is falling?

That Hell is freezing over?

What no one thought would happen is going to?

A record player.

A broken wind up doll.

That’s what I feel like.

Day in day out.

“The climate is changing”

 “Ice caps are melting”

“Animals are dying off”


Sure, you nod your head,

apathetic and cold.

You don’t hear me or you just don’t care.

Because there’s no reason you shouldn’t believe me.

It stares you in the face constantly.

In the paper on the news,

surely, you seen the clues:

“Oil Spill Kills Thousands”

“Ecosystems Disappearing”

“Record High Temperatures”


We’re killing our planet.

We’re killing ourselves.

Is that it?

Is that what you don’t want to hear?

That it’s our fault?

Well it is our fault.

It doesn’t matter

that this has been going on longer than your short lifetime,

Humanity as a whole is at fault.


Fine, fine.

You don’t want to hear it.

But if you can’t take responsibility,

at least help out.

Like one of those sorority charity events.

“Save The Orphans!”

You’ve never met these children,

and you didn’t put them in their situation,

but you make posters and donate money.

Anything to fill your Christmas charity quota

If you’ve got no better reason to act,

at least make the world a charity project.

Put in your volunteer hours helping the world.


It’s a resume builder I promise.

Job applicant or marriage material,

You’ll look like a real saint.

If you don’t need the selfish incentives,

and you genuinely are a sane person

If you want your children and grandchildren to have a chance

to live on the planet without things like gas masks and constant UV protection,

then bravo.

Whatever your reason,


Save the planet.

There’s so many ways.

So many areas we are in trouble.

Climate, Clean Water, Air Pollution,

the list goes on.

If you can’t act,

then donate or spread the word.

What do you think I’m doing right now?

It’s that easy.

Write a poem, draw a picture, sing a song.


I swear it’s worth your time.



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