Full Potential

Written by Mareka Tsongas, ESLLC 2015-2016



We all know the sun is extremely powerful and we have capitalized on that by harnessing solar power through different methods but what if we figured out a way to enhance the sun’s already immense power? The German Architect Andre Broessel thinks he has a solution and with his company Rawlemon he has built a prototype he thinks will be able to harness more of the sun’s energy than we are right now. This new prototype is a spherical sun power generator called beta.ray and Broessel says it can “squeeze more juice out of the sun” both day and night. This technology uses spherical geometry principals with dual axis tracking systems. This will allow twice the yield of regular solar panels and be a much smaller surface (granted the prototype sphere is quite large). The rotatable design maximizes sun energy on any surface at any level so they can be put virtually anywhere with access to the sun.

How does it work? The beta.ray has a hybrid collector, which can move around the sphere, that converts daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. What makes it so efficient is the ultra transmission Ball Lens point focusing concentrator, which operates at efficiency levels of nearly 57% in hybrid mode. At night it converts into a high power lamp using some LED lights while also harnessing light from the moon.

Applicability Map

Additional Information

Website: www.rawlemon.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPJ92NoLlPQ


“The Spherical Sun Power Generator.” AENews. Web. 24 May 2016.




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