TS and TMAs

Written by Jack Zeis, 2015-2016


Transportation Solutions (TS) is non-profit TMA (Transport Management Association) who I worked with for the 2015-2016 year. TS is privately owned. Their goal is to reduce harmful environmental effects of poor commuting habits, namely singe-occupancy vehicles. They instead want to promote alternate transit options including, but not limited to, biking, public transit, and ride share programs.

TS is a mediator between the people and government agencies capable of enacting these changes. They perform data and survey collection to implement government and privately funded programs to accomplish their goals. The data collected is compiled into grants which also include plans on how to mediate identifies issues. They then initiate incentive programs with businesses and communities once these grants have been approved. These programs include things such as business incentives for car-pooling and free light rail passes for new tenants of a living arrangement with public transit access.

So what is a TMA? A transportation Management Association is public-private partnership designed to address traffic congestion and air quality problems throughout the United States. There are almost 150 TMAs similar to TS in operation today. Activities of TMA range from providing information on available transit alternatives to taking an active role in site-design elements that effectively impact travel demand. TS has many partner TMAs in the Denver area including; Northeast Transportation Connections, Denver South TMA, Smart Commute Metro North, eGo CarShare, Denver Regional Council of Governments, BikeDenver, RTD, and Denver B-Cycle. And that’s just to name a few. The main role of a TMA is to act collectively to accomplish goals that many organizations share, but lack the resources to enact on their own.

Currently TS is working with My Way to Go to develop trip planning services in partnership with DRCOG. At the University of Denver, they are about to begin programs aimed at improving the University and Colorado Light Rail Stations starting in Fall of 2016. They also work with Safe Routes to School to facilitate Walk and Bike to School Days a few times each year. But the overall goal is always to provide clean alternatives in transit.


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