What Each Candidate Believes about Renewables

Written by Ali Brehm, ESLLC 2015-2016

With the race coming down to 3 candidates, all with very different views, it is important to look at their energy policies.



Trump has stated several times that he doesn’t believe in climate change. Beyond that, he hasn’t spoken much about his stance on renewable energy, only that wind turbines kill birds. He once took the time to sue to halt construction of off-shore wind turbines near one of his golf courses in Scotland. His main argument? The turbines are ugly and would reduce tourism.


Unlike Trump, Clinton has a real stance on renewables.

1. Clinton has pledged to install 50 million solar panels

2. She has pledged that within 10 years, the US will generate enough renewable energy to power the entire country.

Clinton has placed an emphasis on getting renewables to low-income homes and wants to invest in hydropower and an update to the electric grid. Beyond that, she has pledged to increase fees and royalties on fossil fuel production, and then use that money to transition us into an era of clean energy.


1.Tax carbon

2. 100% reliance on renewable fuels

3. Leave fossil fuels in the ground

Sanders has taken this as a moral argument, even referencing the Pope to support his points. Sanders, with his extensive political history, has introduced several bills designed to expand access to renewable energy. Sanders also support production tax credits for wind and solar.

Both Clinton and Sanders advocate for stricter regulation on fracking, however, Sanders has proposed a series of specific actions to limit fracking.

So, as the polls open in November, keep an eye on these key facts to make the decision right for you, and our planet. 


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