Schoool’s Out…For Summa!

Written by John Kurtz, ESLLC 2015-2016

If you don’t know the song this title is referencing, you probably a) have never played guitar hero b) live in a hobbit hole or c) need a classical rock shake down. Why am I talking about school ending and summer beginning in this blog you ask? Because at DU that is exactly what is happening as finals are around the corner and summer is only a few breaths away! So, let us begin reminiscing about the Environmental and Sustainability LLC and the first year of college shall we?

First off, I’d like to give a shout out to myself and my DU Community Garden team for winning the vote for best LLC project presentation at this year’s LLC service project presentations. I’m stoked to have represented the ESLLC for the hotly contested and highly coveted prize. Now, on to other important manners, like… what the heck am I supposed to do without constantly being around the ESLLC this summer!? Who am I now going to awkwardly walk past in a hallway at 4 a.m. in just my boxers to grab a drink of water? How am I supposed to build up my immune system now without being around the constant communal and unselfish spread of germs and bacteria that is every freshman residence hallway? While I don’t have answers to these serious questions, I have found some answers to some other questions I first asked myself at the start of my first year of college.

The first question I asked myself at the start of this year was if I would make friends. By being part of the ESLLC, I made an entire hallway of friends this year and cannot imagine being in a different hall after this year. These guys are some of the nicest and genuine folks here at DU, and I sincerely believe this. From bonding on the awesome field trips to constantly being around this group of friends, I never had to worry about finding friends this year. Especially after rooming with my roomie and friend, Ryan. He is a stellar guy and quite the comedian; one could even call him a Mycologist since he is such a fun-gi.

Bad puns aside, the second question I now have answered; what will I learn my first year of college? I have learned about living more sustainability, about living on my own, about living with others, and about not being afraid to ask for help when I need it. I have learned that Brianna is the best LLC coordinator out there because she really cares about your well-being and also makes the dankest chili. I have learned that Jack Z has grown some nice flow, Elizabeth shreds the gnar like no one else, Colton knows more about bikes than I ever will, and Mareka gives great hugs. If you are an LLCer and didn’t get a shout out here, look below for superlatives! I also learned just how supportive my ESLLC group is when more than half of them showed up for my African Dance final performance in the first quarter. But most importantly, I have learned good things take time. What does this specifically mean?

Learning that good things take time was learning that during the first year of college everything is not going to click right away and feel “natural” as the transition occurs from high school student to college student. It takes time to find your close friends, to find what you want to focus your studies on, and to figure out what foods to avoid in Nelson dining hall. At first, classes may not go as well as you hope and there may be less free time than you expect. However as the year goes on, these things tend to work themselves out and it is easier to find a balance with all the responsibilities.

This year it took over a quarter to find that balance, and I am still trying to find the best possible balance between school, extra curriculars, friends, and various other responsibilities. By being in the ESLLC this year, I was around a group of peers who were going through many of the same struggles. Not only was this ESLLC group supportive and energizing, they were also a fun group who I could count on for pulling me out of a funk. Until next year fam, I hope you all have a rejuvenating and fun summer!


ESLLC Superlatives

Hannah: Always has your back/Most dependable.

Lindsey: Best dance moves. Most likely to study for a test after a test.

Ali: Most likely to fall in love with and marry a bee.

Maddie: Greatest rocker of flannels.

Clare: Crockpot chef master.

Ryan: Biggest chumpee. Greatest laugh. And the best roommate.

Taylor: Most likely to solve climate change.

Kelby: Best semi-formal date.

Elizabeth: Gnar shredder and best smile.

Colton: Bike terminology > Your vocabulary. Yack n Crash.

Parker: Trombones. Dogs. Mooserider. ‘Nuff said.

Rachel: Friendliest, most helpful person.

Max: Next president of the Boy Scouts.

Sylvia: Most likely to find the cure for cancer.

Isabel: Most likely to succeed in a chosen career.

Kara: Living proof that Being a Kid > Being an Adult

Alex S: Most likely to own a goat farm.

Jack T: Most likely to create inventions that show up on infomercials.

Kirsten: Most likely to quietly take over the world.

Mareka: Great hugger and kind-of-likes Portland. Party animal!

J-Honey: Most likely to live with indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

Nick: Chillest RA and great climbing partner to get pitted with.


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