Written by Clare Czolgosz, ESLLC 2015-2016


As of 2015 the United States started building its first offshore wind farm. The United States has proposed steps leading in the right direction to building the offshore wind farm but they lag behind in completing the steps. Many people are arguing that the project should have been further along than it had been. Aerial Block Island is the name of the windfarm being created off the coast of Rhode Island. CEO of true power states much of the success of this project is broad support of renewable energy not only among the public but also the policymakers.

A group of professors from Delaware University published an article called The Time Has Come for Offshore Wind Power in the United States. In this article they discuss how the offshore wind industry “may be worse off than it was 10 years ago”. They go on to talk about how the past decade was a time of missed opportunities for the United States. Other places in the world had been constantly developing renewable energy and the United States lagged behind.

The United States heavily relies on the European technology to jumpstart the offshore wind project. They are depending on the importation of the European supply. Besides Aerial Block Island many other projects await encouragingly. Maryland is in the process of sending out surveys to see if there is enough incentive to create an offshore windfarm there. I think there is great opportunity in this source of energy. Although it will take the people to make it happen. There needs to be enough incentive to make this country more sustainable. It will take time but I think if this offshore wind industry gets its footing it’s just a matter of time until it’s booming.


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