River Run Endless Sun – the Colorado River

Written and illustrated by Sylvia Prehmus, ESLLC 2015-2016


Painted river in white curves

mountain to sea—once flowed

not since the century,

leaving great delta barren

to sustain arid oases by far snows

larger by far than the oasis by the peaks.

Long dark wrinkle between flat mirrors

where straws from man and shimmering wavesUntitled.png

waster a resource cherished? no, nor saved.

Man’s greed moves to dry shadow

what nature fails to win by right;

right by age yet here,

Geography has last say.

Hypocrites who

soft drops waste not

loud tides use nigh.

Skies on land reflect

that all around yet nowhere found

arid Oasis grey and lush

shine and shimmer across barren dust.

Each ripple precious

divided more carefully each passing day

more coveted than gems

but less must pay.

Diamond less worn and worshipped

then the river that runs

in the endless sun.


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