The Cup of Life: For all Women Divas

Written by Elizabeth Kepl, ESLLC 2015-2016

There are about thirteen menstrual cycles in a year for the average woman. How many woman out there use tampons or pads? Have you ever noticed how much waste goes into each menstrual cycle? Well here are some statistics to help review these numbers:

For a visual scale here is about how many tampons are used on average in 1-2 menstrual cycles (depending on how heavy or light a woman’s cycle is):

On average, about 240 tampons are used per woman a year. These averages do not include or take into consideration the packaging waste and how many pads a woman wears during her menstrual cycle. All of this, pads and tampons and packaging, end up as unnecessary waste in trash cans and add more pounds than necessary to landfill. This material could be saved to be used more sustainably.

The problems that this unsustainable product, tampons and pads, causes has actually been solved for many years now. The idea of the Diva Cup arrived in the 1930s and in the past ten years has really become a product of choice. The 1930s was not the best decade for hygiene so one could see how these have not become popular until today. Now, I know six people, who are comfortable about talking about their menstrual cycle, that use the Diva Cup and swear by it and many who are buying their own now.


The Diva Cup is the most sustainable feminine product that is on the market today. It is a reusable, bell-shaped cup that is made out of silicone and does not contain any latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, and it is free of colors and dyes that are hypoallergenic or create irritation. It can last up to twelve hours for leek-free protection and on a lighter period it can stay in longer without any fear of infection. This cup collects your menstrual flow instead of absorbing it which is why this cup does not cause UTI infections and tampons can. These also come in different sizes: for adults and/or adolescence they have a pre-childbirth size and a post-child birth size.

The Diva cup is absolutely wonderful for traveling as well. Most people that I have talked to or read their reviews about the Diva Cup have bought the Diva Cup solely on this purpose. It is light and very small so it is easy to pack, and in other countries there is no worry about where tampons or pads will be sold as well as the worry of disposing them. These fears have now been eliminated.

This little cup has changed many woman’s lives for the better. I as well as many others would recommend it in a heartbeat, so use up the last of your tampons and order this wonder cup so we can help save the planet one menstrual cycle at a time!

The Diva Cup is only $30 and tampons are around $5-$10 every cycle. Woman spend around $120 for pads and tampons per year. This makes the Diva Cup much more affordable as well as very sustainable!




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