How Fracking Affects Water

Written by Kelby Johnson, ESLLC 2015-2016

Shale deposits have recently become a way to increase the global gas reserves of the world are becoming more frequently used for energy resources. But, shale deposit sites also have a huge impact on water resources because of fracking caused by it. Fracking is hydrolic fracturing where a machine drills down into the earth to release gas inside rock. This process is very effective when it comes to collecting shale gas, but it can contaminate the water being used and the ground water around the fracking area. Also, a huge amount of water is used to do the process, so it can also be viewed as wasteful. An example of how urban areas are being affected by fracking is Dallas, Texas where most of the population’s water comes from surface runoff and they also experience frequent droughts increasing the strain of water resources. People of Dallas are concerned with the effects of the shale drilling in the area and could see it as a potential threat to the communities’ health.

The article proposes two solutions helping cities like Dallas who are urban, have a limited water supply and have a growing population. The first suggestion is that the residential and commercial uses of water in these cities should be reduced to help sustain water resources. The second suggestion is to improve the communities’ education and knowledge about these water issues. This will lead to more people changing their ways in order to change their environmental behavior.

There is competing demands between the demand for energy and the demand for water and it is a hard issue to solve. By making changes in the cities and the communities, there are ways to decrease water usage and fight against shale deposits to ensure clean, healthy drinking water for today and the future!

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