Two men named Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton have created a floating trash bin. This bin can be the beginning of creating cleaner marinas and ports. They have called in the seabin. It has the ability to filter through floating trash oil and other debris that pass through with the tide.  The seabin is mainly designed for marinas and similar settings due to it being the most controlled environment. The seabin has to be secured so having them under docks is the perfect start. Although they don’t collect all the trash that may be floating in the ocean, it is an amazing start to cleaning our oceans. The seabin is in retrospective a big filter. The water gets sucked into the device bringing debris and oil with it. Then the clean water is filtered back out into the ocean while the oil and other trash stays inside the bin until someone cleans the filter out. The filter in the Seabin is able to be reused and a beginning step in the right direction for cleaning up the mess humans have made of our oceans.

I think this is a very good start to cleaning up our oceans. The amount of marine life that is negatively impacted by human waste. There are large amounts of trash floating in the ocean and I think the seabin is the perfect first step in cleaning up our water. A small step in the right direction can completely change the outcome of the future. In the future the seabin could be developed in a way where it could work on a larger scale.

The amount of oil spills that are happening greatly damage the natural cycle that happens in the water. By being able to reduce the amount of damage done to the environment using the seabin we could save a lot of wildlife. Animals are harmed every day by finding themselves covered in oil from spills, fish and other wildlife that rely on clean water are finding that the water they need is now toxic. Small steps towards creating and developing seabins can reduce the amount of death seen in the wildlife population.

Not only is the seabin a good improvement for surrounding wildlife it also has the capability of increasing the quality of life for humans. People swim in the ocean all the time and marinas hold an especially dense population of humans looking for recreational activities. These activities sometimes are the result of needing extra seabins in the area. Although humans create waste which many times finds itself floating in the ocean they are also impacted by their own trash. High trash levels and toxins in the water can create an unsafe environment for people to pursue their recreational activities. This is why people should stand behind and support the seabin, it not only helps then but it also helps clean up the environment we want to be apart of.

Written by Clare Czolgosz, ESLLC 2015-2016



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