Dear Senator Inhofe

Dear Senator Inhofe

With your snowball on the floor

You seem unable to comprehend

That your intelligence is unsure.

The melting ice within your hand

Represents far more than just the season

But surely you should understand that,

Based on intelligence and reason.

Yet somehow mister chairman

Of the Senate’s environment committee

That snowball proves nothing more

Then the weather of your city.

Weather is not climate

And climate is the issue

But please continue your tirade

And your ignorant dismissal.

When the seas rise over Washington

The city and the state

Perhaps then only will you realize

The injudiciousness of debate.

When more than most of scientists

Are agreed upon the fact

Religiosity will not save you

As the Earth begins to react

To man-made temperature changes

That force water above the soil

Caused of course by money

Not to mention Koch brother oil.

That snowball Mr. Senator

Dictates nothing about the earth

And if it weren’t so serious

Your stupidity would cause mirth.

So hear us Mr. Senator

Before it is too late

So we can save our only planet

For shortsightedness and skate.

Written by Sylvia Prehmus, ESLLC 2015-2016


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