Renewable energy. Many people see this as something they want but it is not for them. People see renewable energy as being just out of their reach. They believe they do not have the right amount of funds to allow their house to work on all renewable energy. Most people do not want to put a wind turbine in their backyard but what many people don’t know is it can actually be profitable for them. Majority of cNexus-GeoSolarities will reward clean energy use by buying unused energy back from the household. Although it may be expensive, people have the ability to make a profit on their energy source rather than constantly paying money.

There are many different choices for renewable energy in homes. The most common choice is solar panels, there is also thermal energy or turbines. Turbines use the wind energy; Thermal energy digs deep into the earth and uses natural heat. All these forms of energy don’t take a lot of effort but they do greatly help the environment we live in. By putting less fossil fuels into the atmosphere reduces the carbon footprint each individual puts into the environment.

Renewable energy is a way every day people are able to make a difference in the carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of energy their house uses or change their energy from non renewable resources to renewable people can reduce their impact on the environment.

Written by Clare Czolgosz, ESLLC 2015-2016


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