The Modern Hourglass

This is an image I found online and I think it portrays exactly what has happened and is continuing to happen in our society today. We as a society have a complete disregard for the other ecosystems on our planet. This picture specifically shows how we are “running out of time” before these natural resources we use so carelessly cease to exist.


Our thriving economy was built on the idea of industrialization and we never really sought to change it. The United States had their Industrial Revolution when we were a relatively young country. During that time, there was a lot of pollution coming from our smokestacks and we recognized this and proceeded to change it. Now, other countries (China for example) are trying to ramp up their economies by increasing their industrialization. The U.S. and other developed countries are finding it hard to point the finger at industrialized pollution because that is exactly how they became not only a first world country, but a Superpower as well.

People are finally starting to realize the repercussions of our industrial tendencies. The weird thing is, that’s all that is happening. People are just recognizing that there is a problem, but they have no intentions of actually doing anything to fix said problem. What I personally feel like is happening, is that everyone thinks someone else is already going to fix this “problem” so most people think they can just go on with their daily lives. That’s a horrible mindset to have. This is not our world to have our will with, there are other species and our own children who will have to deal with the decisions we make everyday. We, as individuals and a whole society, need to experience a paradigm shift to change how we interact with the environment. Instead of viewing everything from a business aspect with a primary focus on money, we should shift to an environmental view where we consider what repercussions each action may or may not create.

Written by Ryan Holt, ESLLC 2015-2016


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