One Small Step

Chicago is continually working to expand green space. Starting with creating millennium park. Rather than filling the lake shore with parking garages they put a park in and the parking underneath. By having a huge green space opportunities opened up for citizens such as yoga and concerts. The matter of the fact being people appreciate nature and having green space available. This is not only healthier for citizens but it allows there to be an increase of nature and helps give back what the city took from the land.

The city then followed up with a series of parks and the Millennium Reserve initiative. The Millennium Reserve is supposed to be approximately 140,000 acres of land set aside for nature trails. They hope to turn unused land into something which won’t only be appreciated by people but also animals . By adding land they are hoping to restore migratory bird patterns as well as allow for more environmental education.

Chicago has launched many projects to try and undo the damage the city has done. Programs such as Sustainable Streets Program has been launched to try and minimize the “heat – Island effect” by changing concrete areas into green space. Projects which add green space to cities are ones which need attention drawn to them. They need more people to be aware of their efforts to create a better more sustainable community. It takes a community to keep projects like this moving. The first step in creating a better community is getting involved whether it is through donation or getting out in the community and drawing awareness to environmental issues which need to be dealt with.

Chicago is just beginning a long process of becoming more energy efficient and green. Although they are nowhere near as ‘green’ as they should be, they are taking their first steps towards becoming a better more environmentally aware community.

Written by Clare Czoglosz, ESLLC 2015-2016


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