Rise Up for Nepal

Nepal has greatly influenced my life in the past few months. I had a tremendous experience traveling to Nepal this past April hiking up the Khumbu Valley to Mt. Everest base camp. The experience was beautiful, terrifying and educational all put together in one adventure. I was caught in the 7.8 earthquake just below base camp which threw a curve ball into our adventure. Seeing buildings collapse and running in and out of buildings in the night whenever an aftershock would come made this a journey to remember. All that was feared in this poor country was an earthquake this size. There are many places with no access to aid and the government does not put good use to the aid they have received. I wanted to make this blog post about the fundraiser my group is organizing to help provide these people with sustainable homes and waterways.

Unknown-1The earthquakes absolutely decimated the country of Nepal. As we trekked down the valley encountering countless aftershocks, passing through the towns we visited on the way up, and seeing how they battled the earthquakes, I noticed a pattern. The destruction of the villages greatly depended on the soil they were built on. For example: the buildings built on hard packed soil had much less damage than buildings built on sand. Most of the buildings are not built for earthquakes in the first place, so having these unsustainable homes and tea houses built on sand completely crumbled them to the ground when the earthquake struck. Another major problem adding to the destruction of homes is their water source and waterways. Any of the water sources that actually existed were all destroyed once the earthquake hit. Now these people are having the hardest time finding purified water for themselves and their families.

We are raising awareness to our fundraiser to help the Nepalese in the areas in which we can. Most of our contact to these areas which we can support are thanks to our Sherpas. From these towns we are trying to spread farther into other parts of the country as our fundraising increases. Our main goal is to build sustainable homes for these people to live in and sustainable waterways so people can have access to clean water. These homes need to sustain not only earthquakes but the monsoon season which causes floods and heavy storms. The buildings which were built before the earthquake would crumble down from each year because of poor engineering. With the money raised, we are sending down a team to help rebuild homes, schools, other buildings, and water purification systems that will last throughout these natural disasters.

Please follow the cause on Facebook for updates and to find out additional ways to support Nepal: https://www.facebook.com/NepalReliefFundIndy

Written by Elizabeth Kepl, ESCCL 2015-2016


We are on a mission to raise $100,000 to build & support seismic safe schools, water systems, medical clinics, and infrastructure projects in Nepal. To accomplish this goal, we need your help. We have raised over $30,000 as of 9/9/15. Want to get involved?  We have simplified the process.

Make a contribution to the 501c3 donor advised fund we have established at the Central Indiana Community Foundation. To donate click here: https://www.cicf.org/invest-in-your-passion/…/existing-fund/ and list the Nepal Relief Fund in the left-hand column.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/NepalReliefFundIndy


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